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Конструкторское бюро приборостроения им. академика А.Г. Шипунова

... женных сил, в том числе стрелкового оружия, гранатометов, огнеметов. KBP - company with 90 years of experience in development of armaments for all kind of armed forces, including small arms, grenade launchers, flamethrowers. ...

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... specializing in design and production of high-precision guided weapons (air defense missile and gun systems, anti-tank missile systems, artillery guided weapon systems, special small arms and grenade launchers). ...

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... t CARNATION Coming from a rich history of symbolism and legend, as well as being one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world, Carnation Part of the Floral MUNTAHA A fragrance we have never launched before, meet the new Muntaha A beautiful gift for your loved ones this coming Eid Now available at all of our out IBDAA Creativity is Inventing - Ibdaa Our latest product for men, Ibdaa SA ...

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... a Geo is Lamy s export-only brand which we export to 21 countries all over the world Classical makeup line, Catalina Geo is a global brand which catches many women s eyes of the world In 1986, it was launched in Hong Kong and Iran and now it has global business network all around the world for 31 years Сектор рынка Парфюмерия и косметика Детская косметика Мужская косметика Средства личной гиг ...

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... IVID? have sold in China, East Asia, the United States, and Europe They can also be found at the top institutes throughout Asia With our experience and extensive R&D in semi-permanent makeup, we have launched a high quality series of products PBS KOREA s pigments are manufactured in accordance with strict quality assurance and meet the most stringent international standards We received Dermatest, ...

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... igh productivity through automation equipment system As a result, we become the company that produces the most hydrogel eye masks Thus, we had tried our best to develop the new product, developed and launched hydrogel soap successfully Development and improvement are our main mission for our customer Новинки компании Our new brand name is MOELLET you can find new type of eye mask and jelly soap p ...

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Skin Care Company

... 1319; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) Skin Care Company Skincare is one of the growing FMCG companies in Pakistan serving in the category of cosmetic and toiletries products Launched in 2005, Skincare has taken a lead in the market with some of its unique products positioned very differently from competitors products Our portfolio includes creams, lotions, soaps, powders, ...

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... ustomized produts and launching cordless hair irons with the most advanced technology in the world Новинки компании BRAND NAME : SS SHINY MODEL NAME : FREE CURL The brand new model FREECURL has been launched with more snazzy and sharper desingn Features are the fast warm-up time, long use time and rechargeable cordless hair iron for various beautiful hairstyling Сектор рынка Парикмахерское иску ...

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Asghar Ali Co WLL

... Spray leads us on an enchanting and mystique journey for the fragrance oriental floral ambery, a reminiscence of Arabian Nights with toppi Ehda Spray 75 ml The fragrance is striking for this newly launched perfume spray with Floral, Rose/Violet, Spicy and Woody forming from saffron and agar wood, support Baheej Al Rooh Spray 100 ml Bahrain International Investment Park,Building 1285,Road 1516 ...

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... 4 программы по 5 темам - индустрия, транспорт, трудоустройство, образ жизни и события. AeronewsTV is the world 1st Web TV dedicated to aviation with daily video reports both in French and in English. Launched in 2011, AeronewsTV is first and foremost a medium for all those closely or remotely interested in aviation. AeronewsTV has 24 channels and 5 themes (industry, transport, employment, lifestyl ...

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